As seen in Vogue - Elle Decoration - Harpers Bazaar - Wolf & Badger
As seen in Vogue - Elle Decoration - Harpers Bazaar - Wolf & Badger


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Sodalite palm stone

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Sodalite palm stones are smooth, round stones that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They are made from sodalite, a dark blue mineral with white veins running through it. Sodalite is said to promote tranquility and peace of mind, making it the perfect stone to use for meditation or relaxation. Palm stones are also said to be helpful for those suffering from anxiety or stress. The weight of the stone in your hand is said to be grounding and centering, helping you to focus on the present moment. Sodalite palm stones are beautiful stones that can bring peace and calmness into your life.

Sodalite Palm Stones is known for being a stone of insight. With its ability to bring order and calmness to the mind, it encourages rational thought, objectivity and a healthy verbalization of feelings. Arguments and disagreements are much easier to navigate with Sodalite. It helps increase productive communication by giving a more optimistic perspective on the situation.


Chakra: Third Eye & Throat Chakra

Size:  3-4cm

Weight: 20-33g 

Origin: Brazil