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Shungite Stickers

Shungite sticker for use on mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Shungite is a natural protection, genuine shungite from Karelia. Our "Smart" planet is becoming more and more dangerous for us - humans. Shungite is definitely good natural solution for grounding, healing, protection and water purification. It is probably one of the best natural substances on Earth that will help protecting from such frequencies as EMF fields and geopathic stress. Also shungite is a strong adsorbent, the anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing. Shungite’s healing properties have now become famous and popular, because it is extremely beneficial.

Shungite stickers are considered a great solution of ensuring deep personal protection against electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that surrounds us in the modern world of technologies. Taping the shungite plates to your phone, tablet, mp3-player, computer or any other electronic device will reduce the influence of EMF energies affecting you on a daily basis. Besides, shungite plates provide a powerful and positive energetic effect on your life and help you to relieve stress and irritation, increase your productivity and performance and contribute to you psycho-emotional balance, as well as to you physical health and well-being and normal functioning of all the body systems.

Shungite contains small quantities of pyrite and quartzite. You may see these inclusions in any shungite product, which is normal. As a manually cut stone, shape and size may vary.100% genuine shungite from Karelia - tested and certified.


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