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Shungite Pyramid Sakkara 5cm - EMF Protection Grounding Healing

Shungite is a natural protection, genuine shungite from Karelia. Our "Smart" planet is becoming more and more dangerous for us - humans. Shungite is definitely good natural solution for grounding, healing, protection and water purification. It is probably one of the best natural substances on Earth that will help protecting from such frequencies as EMF fields and geopathic stress. Also shungite is a strong adsorbent, the anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing. Shungite’s healing properties have now become famous and popular, because it is extremely beneficial.

Shungite pyramid is an excellent remedy against the electromagnetic radiation and the geopathic phenomena. Scientifically proven and not always explainable properties of pyramids, which are fully applied to the pyramids of shungite. In this case, the magic power of the pyramid is multiplied by the unusual properties of shungite rock. Pyramids are manufactured in strictly defined proportions of sides and angles, these pyramids have a strong energetic effect on all living beings and even inanimate objects. It was found that the radius of the "affirmative" biofield around shungite pyramids exceeds the range of pyramids made from other minerals. Thus, around pyramids of shungite range extends 1.5 times greater than from quartz, lapis lazuli, jade. By adjusting the volume of vitality, the shungite pyramid charges body with bioenergy. The energy field of pyramid, which is "tuned" to a certain frequency of body and interacts with it on the feedback principle. By tuning the frequency of the cell and entering it into resonance, the pyramid helps to achieve energy balance.

Shungite pyramid is very good solution to protect your house against the Electro Magnetic Forces (EMF) emanated from electronic products in your home like your computer, WiFi router, TV, mobile phone, microwave, smart meters etc. Keeping shungite pyramids or another shungite products near the electronic equipment and you’ll be protected from these harmful EMF.

For example, you can put the pyramid between yourself and the computer, TV or other devices that are the sources of electromagnetic radiation. You can also place the pyramid by a bed or near your resting place. The presence of the Shungite pyramid in an office harmonises the atmosphere. Clients, colleagues and guests lose their nervousness, dissatisfaction, over excitement and working efficiency can increase.

The strength of pyramid’s impact depends on the size. In this case, the magic power of the pyramid is multiplied by the unusual properties of shungite rock.

Please remember, once in two or three weeks, the pyramid should be placed in the sunlight for purification and restoration of its protective features.

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