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Elite Shungite Stone used for water purification, healing and protection.

Elite/Noble shungite stone (shungite type 1) for water purification, EMF protection or stone therapy/massage carbon 98%. All stones have unique shape and weight.

Shungite is probably one of the best natural substances on Earth that will help protecting from such frequencies as EMF fields and geopathic stress. Also shungite is a strong adsorbent, the anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.

Shungite is the only natural source of Fullerenes on the planet. Fullerenes stop the production of free radicals that cause chain reactions that can damage living cells. It reduces the effect of electromagnetic emissions providing protection from electromagnetic fields.

Shungite attracts and neutralizes waterborne contaminants such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and fluoride to name a few. Shungite has been used a water purifier in Russia since the mid 1990’s Shungite not only purifies water, but makes the water helps to all internal organs, and can cause the effect of calmness and reverse certain illnesses. Shungite purified water can help in the adjusting of your DNA making it stronger, and more resilient to disease.

It can be used to cleanse your body from any dysfunctional patterns or negative thoughts. Experts recommend to place shungite stones in the affected area and you may notice quick resolution to the problem. If you need a complete healing or purification of your body, it is better to hold these stones in your hand or even better to wear these stones in the forms of chain, bracelets or pendants and then meditate for some time. Make this practice of meditation along with the stones a routine task and you may see extra-ordinary as you’ll be largely relieved from stress and anxiety. You’ll also feel a lot more relaxed and can sense your energy levels have been boosted considerably.

Shungite is one of the most popular healing stones that it is extremely good to have this stone in one form or the other in your home. Shungite crystals are mainly found in the deposits of the Onega Lake in Karelia, Russia. It is said that these were formed with a biological origin and possess many powerful properties that have created a lot of interests among scientists and researchers to analyse this stone for its curing properties.

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Placing your intention on a crystal will help amplify your intention & awareness. Giving focus to something physical helps your brain form new neural pathways to bring that specific idea or feeling into your life. This brain connection in turn helps with manifestation. Crystals give you a reminder to focus on the intention you have set on this crystal. Mental representation helps you to move towards something whether that's something physical emotional or a mental state of mental wellbeing you want to obtain. Check out our intentions guide below where we have matched crystals to each intention.

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