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Lemuria was established in August 2021 with a mission to bring the most beautiful healing crystals to our customers by taking time to carefully source all of our products. Ethically and sustainably sourced from small independent suppliers around the world.
Crystals are naturally extracted from the earth and they hold the natural healing energies from the earth, sun, moon, and oceans. When you place or hold a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body's chakras and enhances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 
Lemuria was founded after I was in an accident in 2008. I found the power of crystal healing and over the last 13 years have been researching crystals and their benefits.
My story began while walking home from University in Dublin, I ventured into a small crystal store, having no knowledge of crystals and their benefits. I chose the crystal that I was attracted to and after sleeping with it under my pillow I awoke to a feeling of ease on the right-hand side of my face, which I hadn’t felt since before the accident. I suffered from severe jaw and facial pain particularly. The crystal I chose was a Green Jade which after researching the benefits I found it predominately helps with Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and facial pain. Curiosity brought me further into using crystals for their healing benefits; using it on horses and dogs to alleviate pain and illness.
Whether you are a sceptic, or already enjoy the healing properties of these naturally formed crystals I can assure you that it has helped me personally and many others which is why I decided to launch Lemuria Store.
My aim is to bring beauty and healing to our customers so they can also share a piece of Natural Beauty that can benefit their daily lives to give strength, hope and happiness to each individual.

At Lemuria we are incredibly passionate about crystals, both their healing properties and of course the magnificent natural beauty of each crystal. We promise to bring the highest quality products to the market while retaining a bespoke customer service.

We provide everything from healing palm sized crystals to larger bespoke home pieces that can reenergise your space. Adding a natural crystal as an art piece to a new interior space can amplify the area as well as add significant unique natural beauty.
Each piece is hand selected for its beauty, individuality and more importantly it's energy. We can source bespoke pieces upon request or simply work with you to match a crystal to your energy. 

Lemuria brings you a magnificent inventory of carefully sourced high-quality crystals from around the world.