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Rose Quartz Crystal Face Mask

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Rose Quartz face masks have been used for 1000 of years by empresses in China to restore a youthful radiance to the skin by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation therefore stimulating collagen production.

Rose Quartz is thought to emit soothing vibrations, which helps to relax and ease facial muscle pain/ tension. 

It can be used placed in the fridge or freezer prior to applying to the skin to help reduce inflammation and soothe the facial skin.

The face mask warms to the temperature of your skin promoting a healing feeling of comfort, self love and harmony within oneself.


1) Place mask onto clean, dry skin. The mask can be used after serum to help skin absorption but ensure to wipe clean/ use water after use.

2) Relax for 10-15 mins.

*We recommend placing eye mask in a cool fridge for 10- 15mins prior to use to create a cooling effect on the skin while easing muscle tension.