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Rhodonite crystal

Rhodonite is a pink to red-violet stone that comes from the Rhodon family. Rhodonite pieces are often used in jewelry and as ornamental pieces. Rhodonite gets its name from the Greek word "rhodos" which means "rose." Rhodonite is found all over the world, but most Rhodonite pieces come from Europe, Asia, and South America. Rhodonite is a popular stone because of its unique color and interesting patterns. Rhodonite is also believed to have healing properties. Some people believe that Rhodonite can help with anxiety, stress, and emotional Balance. Rhodonite is a beautiful stone that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Rhodonite is known for being a powerful healing stone for relationships. It helps to surround you with feelings of unconditional love and opens the channels for clear communication. 


Rhodonite is also known as the "first aid stone", it is used to heal emotional and physical wounds such as inflammation, autoimmune disease, ulcers and arthritis.

Rhodonite helps open the heart of any emotional blockages and promotes forgiveness. 


Chakra: Heart Chakra

Size Weight: 6- 10cm

Origin: Brazil

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Placing your intention on a crystal will help amplify your intention & awareness. Giving focus to something physical helps your brain form new neural pathways to bring that specific idea or feeling into your life. This brain connection in turn helps with manifestation. Crystals give you a reminder to focus on the intention you have set on this crystal. Mental representation helps you to move towards something whether that's something physical emotional or a mental state of mental wellbeing you want to obtain. Check out our intentions guide below where we have matched crystals to each intention.