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Pink Amethyst with Green Jasper

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Pink amethysts are a type of Healing Crystal that have many benefits. For one, they are known to help relieve stress and anxiety. They are also said to improve sleep quality, and boost overall energy levels. Pink amethyst palm stones are also believed to promote creativity, and aid in spiritual guidance and healing. In addition, pink amethyst palm stones are said to help the wearer connect with their higher self, and achieve a state of inner peace. If you are looking for a Healing Crystal that can offer all of these benefits, then a pink amethyst palm stone is the perfect choice for you!

Pink Amethyst is known to soothe, calm and ground.

These Points also have a beautifully unique Green Jasper which is extremely rare it is said to shield against negativity, while being  great for nurturing, calming the mind, stress relief and a great meditation companion.

It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive paths in your life journey.

It can assist with learning to view your life experiences from a higher perspective allowing you to act with love and wisdom. With its strong protective qualities it offers protection against the negative energies and spirits.


Chakra: Heart, Third Eye & Crown

Size & Weight:

15cm x 9 cm (656g)

16cm x 9cm (672g)

24.5 cm x 11cm (1681g) 

Origin: Brazil