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Palo Santo Holder- Midnight Blue

Unique handmade Lemuria Palo Santo Holder. 

This hand crafted ceramic holder is a special piece we designed to hold our beloved Palo Santo. It is a great way to burn Palo Santo in your space while also being a beautiful minimal interior piece.

Gratitude, cleansing, meditating, space clearing and blessings are just a few of the ways that ethically sourced palo santo can improve your spiritual practice and well being. 

Palo Santo smells incredible, eliminates negative energy, creates relaxation, natural bug repellent, purifies air, calms mood, it is antimicrobial, Grounding, reduces anxiety/ stress, increases focus & creativity...

The Palo Santo holder will allow the palo santo safely waft into the air and will hold smoke for longer.

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Placing your intention on a crystal will help amplify your intention & awareness. Giving focus to something physical helps your brain form new neural pathways to bring that specific idea or feeling into your life. This brain connection in turn helps with manifestation. Crystals give you a reminder to focus on the intention you have set on this crystal. Mental representation helps you to move towards something whether that's something physical emotional or a mental state of mental wellbeing you want to obtain. Check out our intentions guide below where we have matched crystals to each intention.