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Ilapothecary SOS Body Balm 100g

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A powerful, sweet-smelling herbal body balm which soothes and calms dry skin, hydrates and deeply moisturises, helps relieve tired muscles, swollen joints or bruises. Use when your skin needs extra nourishment or is dry, flaky, stressed or irritated. This SOS body balm is made by a beautiful mix of essential oils including Blue camomile and Rose, sweetened with Vanilla – the delicious smell provides a gentle mood uplift for those feeling weary.

Key Ingredients


Soothing, Healing
Arnica is known as the panacea for all kinds of inflammation. Arnica is a remedy for bruises, it helps to soothe tired aching muscles, as well as reduce swelling caused by sprains and other injuries. Also, good for soothing mosquito bite symptoms.


Cooling, Clearing
Blue Chamomile is a known anti-inflammatory for the body, mind and skin. It is believed to help ease tension, clear heat from the mind, body and to help us 'let go'. It is known to be an oil of peace and acceptance. Ideal before sleeping.


Firming, anti-inflammatory
Boswellia is rich, resinous, balsamic and known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce wrinkle depth, firm the skin and tame redness.


Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory
Sunflower is known to support the skin to retain moisture, improve skin hydration and help treat conditions such as eczema. It has high anti-inflammatory properties and helps to protect the skin against bacteria and germs. It is also known to heal wounds faster.


Remedy Nº
Remedy Nº 101
The energy of number 101 resonates with harmony and love. It is about co-operation and restoration.

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