As seen in Vogue - Elle Decoration - Harpers Bazaar - Wolf & Badger
As seen in Vogue - Elle Decoration - Harpers Bazaar - Wolf & Badger


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Amazonite Point

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Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green mineral that has long been prized for its unique color. This semiprecious stone is found in many different jewelry and decorative items, but amazonite points are some of the most popular. Amazonite points are typically quite small, but they can vary in size from a few centimeters to over a foot long. These points are usually cut from amazonite crystals, which are themselves quite rare. Amazonite points can be used for a variety of purposes, from Feng Shui to crystal healing.

When used in Feng Shui, amazonite points are said to promote communication and understanding. In crystal healing, amazonite points are often used to relieve pain and stress. No matter how they're used, amazonite points are sure to add a touch of beauty to any setting.

Amazonite is known for its soothing energy. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. Because of its ability to balance both masculine and feminine energies. Amazonite helps one to understand both perspectives of a situation. Its properties also helps to alleviate emotional trauma, worry and fear.


Chakra: Heart & Throat Chakra

Size:  7cm

Weight: 138g

Origin: Brazil