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Amazing Crystals Benefits For Your Pet - Health, Behaviour & Well-being

Amazing Crystals Benefits For Your Pet - Health, Behaviour & Well-being

We know how beneficial crystals can be! If you tried incorporating them in your daily life, you probably noticed the benefits.
But did you know they can help your pet too?

Crystals form naturally in the earth surface layers while being charged with certain vibrations and energy.
Our pets are made of energy and have electromagnetic fields as well.
So, every crystal, gemstone and mineral vibrates at a particular frequency and amplitude, which in turn attracts the energies of certain qualities and characteristics of your pet.

Crystal healing is a gentle, non-invasive solution to console and comfort your pet!
The first step would be setting up a clear intention for how you want the crystal to impact your pet. It can be healing past trauma or physical pain and injuries. Make sure your crystal is cleared and infused with this intention.

You can simply place the crystal next to your pets sleeping area. Make sure it is somewhere safe, where it will not get damaged by the pet or harm the animal.

Here are some of the crystals that can help you pet:

Rose Quartz. Rose quartz is a great companion for all animals as it emits a very gentle, loving vibration. It is good support for rescued animals to make them feel safe and secure and helps your pet settle into their new home more easily. It is also a good choice if your pet suffers from separation anxiety and is recommended for rescued pets, for animals that are alone a lot and for animals that are nervous or anxious.

Clear Quartz. Clear quartz is known as a master healer. If your pet is struggling with any health issues, this crystal will support them wonderfully. It brings about positive changes in pets, improving behavioural problems such as excessive barking or aggression. Clear quartz helps to strengthen your pet's immune system, improving their overall health. It can also raise energy levels. If you choose to use clear quartz for your pets, you should cleanse it in the evening as it will absorb any negative vibrations that your pet has come into close contact with.

Smoky Quartz. If you have more than one pet at home and they tend to fight, smoky quartz is a good crystal to have on hand. It grounds your home and clears out all negative thoughts and reduces hostilities.

Kyanite. If you have a particularly intuitive animal in your life, Kyanite is a wonderful choice for them to replenish their energy, especially if you are doing any kind of energy work that they are assisting you with.

Amethyst crystals help animals deal with physical problems such as illness, skin conditions, arthritis, and the slowing down that accompanies old age. It’s very protective, soothes the emotions, and stimulates physical healing.

Crystal elixir for your pet
Make a crystal elixir that will rejuvenate your pet. Take the crystal you want to infuse and place it on a coaster. Place the coaster on a glass of water for 8 hours. Gradually add the crystal elixir to your pets bowl of water.

A gentle solution to help your pet while also adding a natural crystal beauty to your home.

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