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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius
August welcomes the third, and last, supermoon of the year.
Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius occurs on Thursday 11th August at 9pm and reaching its supermoon peak at 2.30am 12th August (UK time).
This Full Moon is pushing us towards our souls path, a time when we can let go of anything that is keeping us small. Welcoming in everything that is true to us & all that expands us forcing us to reevaluate what it is we want and letting go of anything no longer serving us whether that be a change in location, career or outgrowing a relationship etc...
Full Moon is the biggest & brightest of the Moon Phases, this Full Moon is linked to Uranus meaning sudden/unexpected life changes occurring for many and Saturn rules structure and boundaries meaning an emphasis will be placed around leaving old rules behind making space for new creative changes.
Welcome in your individuality by giving yourself permission to be yourself and focus on what you need & want in life. 
Trusting your journey & listening to your soul's guidance.
Crystals to use for Aquarius Full Moon:
(use 3 days before/after full moon phase)